An idiom, or phrase, is a group of words with a meaning that cannot be worked out from the literal meanings of the individual words.
Every idiom doesn't always have an equivalent. Mind the context.

- If you use Windows, you'll get the special characters by pressing the ALT-key and then typing a number with 4 figures on the keypad.

- You can look up the whole chart for Windows and Macintosh on this address.

- On a Android smartphone you just tap and hold the letter of the virtual keyboard and choose among the accented character set.

French ligatures :
œ (ALT+0156) replaced by oe
æ (ALT+0230) replaced by ae

E.g. «à l’oeil nu»

Tips :

- If you write let fly, you'll get both all entries containing let and all entries containing fly.
- But if you write "let fly", you'll get only the entries containing let fly.
- If you write "move", you'll get not only "make a move" but also "at one remove from", among others.
But if you write " move", you'll get "on the  move" or "make a  move" among others.